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Before he was known as Mincøde for its future productions, many knew him as Stafen. Stafen was born in Belgium and grew up in the 80’s. Passionate about music since a young age, he listens to his first vinyls at 12 years old.

At 16 years old when he goes to Montini his taste for djing quickly surfaced watching TC BRAIN play every week. It all started in 1999 when he bought his first turntables and his first vinyls, and in 2000 his career began after training again and again…

In the beginning he played techno & hardgroove in place such as (Soundstation, La Chapelle, Phoenix club, Factory and USB camp (Nature One). In 2014 after his holiday in Ibiza, his musical style and his artist name changed…

Stafen is now Mincøde.

In 2018 he joined the booking agency (Strange Agency).


The style he loves is a perfect balance between minimalistic sounds, dark tech house and deep techno. Mincøde decided to develop his passion for music by performing in various major clubs in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain… (La Rocca, Fuse, Café d’Anvers, Summer Music Festival (Winner Dj Contest), Energize, Pulse Factory, Real, Decadance, Noxx, Pharao(DE) City Parade, Viva Bar(Ibiza) Hush(Ibiza), Cavo(NL), Spot 48 (LUX), Bonnefooi, BAR 80) and had the chance to share the turntables with great artists such as Marco Bailey, Marko La Rocca, Phi Phi, Redhead, Xentrix, Tc Brain , Pierre (FUSE), Monika Kruse, Ida Engberg, Dubfire, Tom Hades, Secret Cinéma, Pig & Dan, Michel de Hey , Misa Salacova, Gregor Tresher and many more…

His first production “Benniras” was released at the end of 2016 on the Belgian label “Locked Records”.

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