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Let's Dance EP

Fabrik Records FBK0024310 02/07/2016

  • Let's Dance (Original Mix)


  • Let's Dance (Sammy Cox Remix)

    Klara Sims, Andy Mart

  • Revolution (Original Mix)

    Robbie, Terry Smith

  • Babylon (Original Mix)


This tracks pick up the pace a bit and showcases the determination and strength that flows through Lubega’s veins. The vocals have two tones here: the aforementioned strong and independent one, coupled with the softer, carefree variety; this sends the message that tough cookies can also be sweet.

The emotion builds in Lubega’s voice whilst singing: “Are you an angel’s disguise / Or are you just a lie? / You really pulled me in / I’m the fuel, you’re the flame”. The song questions love in more than one way and the potential of getting hurt is very apparent.