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Vincent van Steenbeek aka Vin E, born 1972 in the Netherlands, had early contact with the music, by the music theater of his parents. Music of Kraftwerk, DAF or Front 242 kindled the fire for electronic music. Beginning of 80 he started the Chicago House with Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, etc. ..

With 14 years he started mixing as a hobby and began to Collecting Vinyl. Two years later (1886) came to the New Beat with “this is the sound of C” of the confetties, in this period Vin E began to play on small parties and school celebrations . The early 90’s, started the techno parties in Amel at Pacific (EXTRA) where VIN E Resident DJ was, from then followed by many appearances in the hottest clubs of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg France. Published in 1994 VIN E its first maxi-single “X Karnak, with the house of pain” on Dance Opera. In the next few years he produced projects such as “The Voltage Club” on Toxic records and M42 from France, Backdraft on KK records, Big 50 Entertainment from Detroit and X Traxx from Holland. Klangwerk with Fireman, Bangbox, Instigators, Dave Davis on Bonzai … VIN E also toured as a live act for Backdraft and Voltage club. After a break of several years Vin E is active again.

EE-010, Filter EP | Big 50 Entertainment


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