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Scars on Louise

Scars on Louise

Belgium /


Scars on Louise are an alt-pop group hailing from Belgium.

The band features siblings Ellen and Romain, and their close friend Kevin. Ellen is the lead vocalist of the band, Romain also lends his voice to the mix and plays guitar. Kevin focuses on the rhythm section, playing drums and percussion.

Scars on Louise have already had a slew of releases, including “No Way Out” and “Closer” to mention but two. They just released a brand new single “Just a dream” completed with a stunning music video.

Their music is known for its dreamy soundscape, pop-infused melodies, and eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic beats. If you enjoy the pop vibe of the likes of Imagine Dragons, Halsey, and Thirty Seconds of Summer, then you’ll love Scars on Louise!

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