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At the age of 15, Lukas Richter alias Gråzon discovered electronic music. After his frst Techno-Party, the ‚I
love Techno‘ in Gent, he instantly got infected. After some years of listening to techno, he got interested in
making his own music. He started to save up money to fnally buy his frst equipment at the age of 18.
Some months later, he played his frst gig at a Dj -Contest, where he got in connection with ,,Strange
Agency“ for the frst time. He started with the name ‚Grauzone‘ but had to change it, because of the same
named band. So he took the swedish translation of it, ‚Gråzon‘.
His music is a mixture of Techno, House & experimental; He would describe it as deep melancholic Techno.
Harmonic, Organic.. perfect to get lost in music.
His music is infuenced by Stephan Bodzin, Tale of Us, Mind Against, Recondite, Dixon such as Labels as
Life & Death, Afterlife, Innervisions, Pokerfat and many more.
Over the years, he played in Clubs like Zodiak in Brussels, L’escalier in Liège, Epic in Luxemburg, the white
Hotel in Manchester, etc. He shared a stage with artist like Felix Kröcher, Dany Rodriguez, Pierre, Ritzi Lee,
Raw District, Xentrix and many more.
Back in 2016 he started to produce his own music. Fortunately, Dj and producer Xentrix took him under his
wings and furnished him the handling. He’s lucky to describe him as his mentor.
He also organizes a party-series with some friends called ‚,Übliches Verhalten“. Invited are some of their
favorite local Artist such as Pierre (Fuse), Xentrix, Dilox, Regression and many more, with an excellent
feedback from guests and artists.
Zodiak (Brussels), L’escalier (Liège), White Hotel (Manchester), EPIC (Luxembourg), Trakasspa (Eupen), Link
Festival Pre-Party (Montenau)…


Agency Strange Agency